Aidan Cheung

Handwriting Converter

This project is for the SQA Advanced Higher Computing Science course. This involves documenting the analysis, design, implementation and testing of the program. Here's a preview of the outline of the project:

Many computer users around the world have difficulty using a keyboard to type text. This program is designed to make technology more accessible to people by allowing users to handwrite text instead.

The user will use a graphic Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application written in C# and XAML to handwrite their text into a box (using a mouse, touchpad, touchscreen or pen) and click a button which will convert the handwritten text to computer readable text using the Windows.UI.Input.Inking.Analysis module and display it on the screen in a temporary box. The user will then be presented with options to save the text permanently within the app or copy the text to the clipboard. If they do not choose to save the text, the record will be removed from cache, and if they do choose to save the text, a record will be added to the database.

The project will utilise many Advanced Higher concepts including binary search to search through saved records, bubble sort to sort the saved records, and arrays of objects to hold temporary data within the SDD program.